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Tickets including Highway and pirate ship is released!

Tickets including Highway and pirate ship is released!

※Release is only from the dedicated page. There is no sales at the counter.


What is the “Hayatabi Hakone Pirate Ship Drive Plan

For highway-flat rate use of designated sections to Hakone and the metropolitan area only for ETC vehicles,

This is a great drive plan that includes a round-trip boarding ticket for the Hakone Pirate Ship (for 2 people) and a dining and souvenir ticket (2,000 yen).

Recommended point

①Recommended for a drive trip to Hakone!

  1. ②Highways and pirate ships are available at a great price!
  2. Freeway Pass + Hakone Pirate Round Trip Ticket + Meal / Shopping Ticket (2,000 yen)
  3. ④There are “Usage plan from Nagoya area” and “Usage plan from Tokyo area”


Also as a purchase privilege

One soft drink service (for 2 people) when using “Togendai View Restaurant” or “Chaya Honjin Hotoriya”

※ Limited to meals only. (Not shopping)

※Please show your meal and shopping ticket when ordering


When you use this plan, there is a possibility that the road fee will be reduced by about 40%.

Please check the plan details and prices from NEXCO Central Japan Official Website.


Application (Only Japanese)



Nexco Website





  • A prior application is required for use. You can apply from the “Hayatabi Travel Drive” page on the NEXCO Central Japan Official Website.
  • To use the “Hayatabi Drive Plan” including this plan, you will need to register as a “Hayatabi Member”.
  • Hakone Pirate Ship may be canceled due to bad weather.