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Realistic feeling that you are on the spot with a 360 degree camera!* You can freely move the viewing angle with the mouse or by touch operation.

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Queen Ashinoko’s concept is to offer “heart-fluttering cruise experiences.” The gold body of the ship that stands out vividly against the azure colors of Ashinoko and the rich décor on the ship comprising liberal combinations of an array of colors, shapes, and materials are classic designs adorned with wood materials from floor to ceiling, offering guests a chance to savor the sense of a high-end resort.

  • Providing First class cabin which is more graceful than ever before.
  • Enjoy Ashinoko's view at the open deck!
  • All the sofas have different colors and designs.

Ship facilities

  • Shop
  • Toilets
  • Multipurpose toilet
  • Elevator
  • Priority seats
  • Ship information monitor
  • Writing pad
  • Life-saving equipment
  • AED


Vessel name Queen Ashinoko
Date in service 25-Apr-19
Gross tonnage 315 t
Vessel length 35.00 m
Vessel width 10.00 m
Capacity 541 (First Class Cabin: 87)
Main engines 423 kW × 2
Sea speed (max. speed) 10.5 knots (max. speed 11.7 knots)
Elevator 1 (10-person capacity)
Ship restrooms 3 locations (1 barrier-free restroom)
Shipbuilder Japan Marine United Corp. (former Universal Shipbuilding Corp.)
Other 2 bow thrusters (transversal propulsion devices at the ship’s bow)

*1 knot: approx. 1.85 km/h

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