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Site Policy

This website (“Website” hereafter) is operated by Hakone Sightseeing Cruise Co., Ltd. (“HSC” hereafter). Please read and consent to the following before using this Website. Use of this Website signifies your consent to these Terms and Conditions.


All posted information on this Website is copyright protected under the Japanese Copyright Act and international treaties. The content of this Website may not be reproduced in any form without prior consent, except for personal use and acts such as quotations permitted under the Copyright Act. In the case of quoting content from this Website, please make sure to include the source of the quotation in an appropriate form. The content of this Website may not be altered in part or in full without the prior consent of HSC.


HSC is not responsible for any displayed content or information on websites linked to this Website. HSC exercises reasonable care in ensuring that the information contained in this Website is accurate, and bears no responsibility for any damage incurred by users from using the information obtained from this Website and other websites linked to this Website.
Information on this Website about products, campaigns, etc. pertains to some information about products sold, services provided, or campaigns organized by HSC and does not cover all pertinent information in its entirety. All information on this Website is current as of when it was placed on the Website; names, content, and other aspects may be subsequently changed without notice or may, due to the passage of time, no longer correspond to actual conditions.
The address of this Website, including that of the home page, is subject to change without notice. HSC bears no responsibility for malfunctions of links, difficulties with displaying images, or any other problems due to changing the address of this Website. HSC bears no responsibility for any damages arising from changes to the information on this Website or disruption or suspension of the operation of this Website for any reason. HSC does not guarantee that this Website will not experience service disruptions, be free of errors, that defects are remedied, or that this Website or its servers are free from viruses or other harm.

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These clauses apply to all of the data on all servers needed to operate this Website and all of the content constituting that data.

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In general you are free to create links to this Website. However, as the URL may be changed without advance notice, setting the link to the home page (http://www.hakone-kankosen.co.jp/) is recommended. When linking to this Website, please use the link banner below.

Hakone pirate ship
Hakone pirate ship

When creating a link, please clearly state in the text that the link is to the “Hakone Sightseeing Cruise website.” Please refrain from prohibited acts that display this Website’s content to make it appear to be content of the link destination site, including displaying this Website’s pages inside a frame. Please be aware that after creating the link, you may be asked to remove the link if it is determined at risk of damaging the credibility of Hakone Sightseeing Cruise (“HSC” hereafter) or information released by HSC.